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Farming on approximately 2 acres of leased land in the Salmon River Valley, Loveland Acres is a small scale certified organic farm owned and operated by Maylene Loveland and Robin Scheil.


As organic farmers, we aim to provide clean, environmentally responsible, food for our community, in a manner that grows in unison with nature. The farming choices we make are fueled by a desire to build healthy soil and increase farm biodiversity, while always giving back what we take from the land.


Loveland Acres is committed to upholding the standards and practices of organic growing, and we care deeply about the biodiversity and future health of our community. We practice regenerative farming practices like crop rotation and seed saving, and are interested in fostering community growth through education and events.

Credit: Maylies Lang

2021-08-10-Land to table - Loveland Acres-294.jpg

Credit: Maylies Lang

Maylene and Robin met in 2014 at Marvellous Edibles farm in Owen Sound, Ontario, where Maylene completed a year long internship in organic growing through CRAFT (Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training). While at Marvellous Edibles they cultivated vegetables and grew livestock for sale at two of the busiest and well known farmers markets in Toronto. After a few years spent traveling and working on farms in Canada and Germany, Maylene and Robin decided to return to Canada and make their home in the beautiful interior of British Columbia. 

Since moving to the Okanagan in 2017 they’ve had the opportunity to further hone their farming skills while working full time at Dorenberg Orchards, a third generation family owned orchard in Lake Country. Their farm dreams were realized through a successful land match, made with the Young Agrarians and BC Land Matching Program, and they moved to their new home on Salmon River Road in June of 2019. This year (2022) will be their third season farming the land and they are excited to continue meeting new people and building strong resilient food networks in the North Okanagan and Shuswap communities.

2021-08-10-Land to table - Loveland Acres-320.jpg

Credit: Maylies Lang

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